Lash Facts

Are Eyelash Extensions for Me?

They are perfect for vacations, special occasions, and an easier morning routine- you can save yourself 20 minutes.. yes you just woke up like this! Unfortunately they're not for everyone. For instance, if you are a heavy eye makeup beauty guru, or love to sweat at the gym and in the sauna.. the lashes will not last as long! Also- lashes are adhered with adhesive in which the main ingredient is Ethyl Cyanoacrylate that some are sensitive to or even allergic to.


How Do I Care for My Eyelash Extensions?


-Avoid oil-based products on the lashes.

-Use oil-free products near the lash line.

-NO mascara, lash curlers, waterproof eyeliner, gel liner.

-Cleanse after the gym, crying, and when at the beach.

-Avoid tugging, pulling and touching.

-Avoid strong heat (grilling, baking, flames from bonfire, candles, lighters..)

-Cleanse your lashes gently every day after makeup removal.

-Cleanse your lashes with either your clean fingers or eyeshadow brush.

-Blow dry on cool setting and brush from center to the tip.

-To remain fullness, schedule your fill ins every 2-3 weeks!


I Have an Event Coming Up, How Long Will My Full Set Last?

If you are new to lashes, I never recommend anyone try them for the first time within a few days, or even two weeks of a special even. For the case of either wanting to change up the style or in the rare case of an allergic response to the adhesive. Ideally we would do the full set 3 weeks prior to the event and then do a touch up right before the event to unsure you're full & fabulous! The adhesive lasts about 6-8 weeks, however the extensions that are placed on your natural lashes will have a growth and shed cycle as every hair on our body does. So that is why it is recommended to get them touched up every 2-3 weeks.


Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

A properly trained and certified lash artist knows how to select and place and apply an appropriate extension based on your length and strength of your natural lash. Your lash artist first priority should be the health of your natural lashes. Your eyelash extensions should never hurt or cause your natural lashes to break off. Your extensions will naturally shed with your natural lash growth cycle.


How Is Lash Krave Different If I Have Had a Bad Experience Somewhere Else?

At Lash Krave, we are licensed Cosmetologists and hold several professional Certifications for eyelash extensions, & more. Our primary focus and specialty is ensuring your natural lash health is protected throughout the duration of wearing eyelash extensions. If at any point your lash artist observes damage being done to your natural lashes or it is assumed that the extensions are too heavy for your natural lash, adjustments in the length and/or weight of your extensions will be made and discussed with you to ensure your natural lash health is protected! If ever you are concerned about the process or your natural lashes, we invite you to ask as many questions as necessary to feel comfortable and confident in your lash artist's ability to not only give you great lashes, but an amazing experience that you can enjoy for years to come!